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SecondWind was created as a resource for change. 

It is a source to shine light to your darkness by hearing other women talk about their Defining Moment to transform their lives... to hear about their fears, doubts, discouragements and joys.


Joyce Buford, a Life coach, Author, speaker, and Internet Podcast Host, is a woman who has experienced transition in her own life and shares her secret to facing the Fear of Change with Total Confidence.

Through her unique program and coaching style, Joyce supports clients during their transition to reclaim their true purpose and strengths. Her program focuses on helping clients who have experienced their own transitions of divorce and loss to thrive without limits.

She lives her life on purpose, using and enjoying her talents to get her message with effortless happiness.


Learn more about Joyce at

The Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Healing The Mind, Body & Community

Getting a better understanding of your subconscious mind is a key part of developing your conscious mind. This week we have Amanda Blain on to explain some of the connections we have between our mind and body, and why knowing our own unique connection is a crucial part of our overall wellness. We also learn that working on your healing makes you more empathetic and understanding to others. She discusses certain obstacles in our journey such as shame, and how we can move around it. With a deeper understanding of ourselves, we will be able to differentiate between who we truly are, and who we are as a survival mechanism.

Through yogic psychology and medicinal movement, Amanda Blain discovered that intuitive living, inner balance, and self-fulfillment are inside jobs. After working in the corporate world for over a decade, Amanda served in the U.S. Peace Corps in rural South Africa. There, she discovered the interconnectedness of the psyche, body, and spirit while training with her mentors, holistic health research pioneers and co-authors of The Healer Inside You, David Patient and Neil Orr. Since that mentorship, Amanda has reprogrammed her brain and nervous system to overcome longstanding PTSD from childhood trauma, and she has learned to cultivate heart coherence, a scientifically quantifiable balance between the mind, energetic heart, and body, which enhances intuitive knowing and inner-flow – even amid challenges and transitions. Over the past eight years, Amanda has completed over 2,400 hours of experiential training in yogic psychology, energetics, and medicinal and therapeutic movement. She has delivered personal development training throughout the world in the United States, South Africa, Greece, Palestine, and Israel. She strives to cultivate a classroom of nurturing energy which feels safe and welcoming to all – despite cultural and experiential differences. Her offerings are designed to help students facilitate groundbreaking self-discoveries required for personal evolution. Amanda approaches life, the classroom, and the student with a devotion to unlock authenticity, inner wisdom, and an ever-expansive compassion for all.

"When our hearts start opening, when we are healing the grievances, when we understand our own human condition better, then we have just more acceptance and understanding for others...” - Amanda Blain

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The typical age your subconscious mind forms, and how that affects how you communicate
  • Why it is important to increase your own awareness of your subconscious mind
  • How stress can affect you physically in unique ways 
  • The steps to freeing yourself from shame
  • Why it is necessary to first work on self improvement in order to create a change in your community  
  • The reasons why some people take on a dominant persona 
  • How traveling changed how Blain has perceived different parts of the world 

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Wisdom & Aging

Finding Passion & An Appreciation for Every Season of Life

With maturity comes a greater appreciation for what people offer in different stages of their lives, particularly the later years. In this episode, Lulu Trevena examines these stages, and we discuss how we need to look at our childhood in order to understand how we operate as adults.  We also talk about how we still need to find out what we want in life in order to still feel excitement as we age. Trevena teaches us about quantum healing, and why it may work better than traditional therapy for you.

Lulu is an award-winning Author of the stunning art and poetic prose book “Soul Blessings” and creator of the card deck “Moments of Transformation.”

She is a Women's Group Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Art of Feminine Presence® Licensed Teacher, Quantum Healing Practitioner, Soulful Living Coach, Intuitive Card Reader, Speaker, Artist and Mother. Founder of Live Life with Wonder.

She is passionate about shifting the societal narrative about women and age. Confidence to do anything at any age.

She supports women in their own self-empowerment, honoring their personal truth and dreams, clearing whatever is in the way of embodying their full feminine presence and power unabashedly.

Lulu shares her global life experience, wisdom and voice, honoring the transformation of the human spirit, through self reflection, the delight of creativity and grounded soulfulness. She is a lifelong learner and wonder finder.

She has numerous existing online groups for Gratitude, Card Readings and Soulful Living. She is available globally for Quantum Healing, Soulful Living Coaching and Personalized Card Readings.

"When we actually work with quantum healing it’s like we go back into the field where everything is possible, and we’re changing the timeline. So we’re repairing the timeline, and we’re rebuilding a new possibility into our life.” - Lulu Trevena

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Society and our own maturity has changed the way we look at age 
  • We all should learn to listen to our own wisdom and guidance
  • Trevena’s empowering life changing moments that were both terrifying and exciting 
  • The definition of quantum healing, and how it can help you in your healing journey 
  • How communication has changed over time, and how we can communicate with clarity
  • Seeking wonder in your later years
  • Everyone experiences intuition in different ways

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Creativity, Community & Clarity

How Art Therapy Helps You Take On Core Issues In Your Life

Women have a tendency to prioritize the wants and needs of those around them causing them to feel disconnected from themselves. On today’s show, my guest Anne Walsh helps us to dig deeper within ourselves to see who we are, and what we want outside of our roles as a mother, wife or employee. She emphasizes that a sense of community for women, especially mothers, is essential to their wellbeing. Without these group discussions among peers, these women are likely to feel isolated handling the unspoken hardships of motherhood.

Anne Walsh is an art therapist, writer, public speaker and mother of two. She chose to pursue graduate studies in art therapy out of a desire to connect more deeply with people who struggle to communicate what they are experiencing.

Her work started out with older adults diagnosed with dementia living in long term care. When nurses requested burnout prevention workshops on the weekends, Anne’s work was noticed by a recruiter and she was hired to teach Psychology, Leadership and Recreation for Older Adults classes at Algonquin College. Anne taught for twelve years until she became a mother. Hoping to achieve work-life balance, she chose to return to her calling as an art therapist on her property in Kemptville, Ontario (Canada).

When her eldest daughter was being bullied at school, Anne launched a series of workshops teaching prosocial behaviors through art as a way to create more collaborative classrooms. She published two children’s books and devoted much of her business to the mental health of children and their families through classroom workshops and after-school art programs for families.

Realizing that parents needed additional support, Anne focused on programs that would give mothers a sense of community. She discovered the need for mothers to speak openly about their experiences with others and documented their stories by writing a book, Out of the Mouths of Moms. Anne has been actively involved in creating an infrastructure of support for mothers in her community. Her efforts have earned her the Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Award.

Covid has caused Anne to pivot her business by providing online support through her online art therapy sessions, creative journaling group, ghostwriting services and speaking circle. These days, she mostly works with women in their 40s and 50s who have lost touch with their true Self through and are coming home to themselves through creative directives, self-expression and self-exploration.

"Women don't see their strength, they see everyone else's strength" @annewalshauthor

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How we can develop our ability to adapt to the changes that life presents us
  • The advantages of art therapy as opposed to the traditional verbal-communication-centered therapy
  • The ways that your art can mirror your life experience regardless of your artistic abilities
  • The gravity of art interpretation in art therapy
  • How different art mediums are used to aid in therapy for specific traumas
  • How creative journaling is used to unite women, and affirm the universality of their problems
  • A healthy way for children to manage and view their anger


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Surpassing Physical & Emotional Limits

Using Fear & Vulnerabilities to Develop Your Inner Strength

The desire to fit in and be a part of something is a feeling that is all too familiar to most of us. In today’s episode of SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Michelle Kuei shares her own story of feeling trapped in her body, and how a change in environment and testing her own physical limits helped to release her. When examining important moments in her life, it becomes evident that once you silence that obstructive voice in your mind, you can begin to live the life you dream of.

Michelle Kuei is a certified confidence & leadership coach who helps negative self-talkers to believe in their talents to reach full potential in a fulfilling personal and professional life. Michelle provides her clients with skills they need to live confidently and with purpose by helping them redirect their fears and use their energy in living a life filled with happiness, authenticity, and personal freedom. Michelle co-creates with her clients to discover their inner strength and beauty that enables them to be heard, seen, and known. 

As the founder of Elevate Life Coaching, a seminar, and coaching company, Michelle is also the host of the podcast “Perfectly Normal” and a weekly live Facebook show “Monday Coffee Talk”. 

Michelle is the author of the new memoir, Perfectly Normal-an immigrant’s story of making it in America, as well as the inspirational illustrated e-book, “Miss Little Musical”. She is a board member of the United Nations Association of the USA and a Clinical Pharmacist at USC’s Keck Medical Center. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International and the founding board member of World Without Borders. 

In her leisure time, Michelle travels the world, most recently to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where she volunteered as an English teacher at a nonprofit elementary school. She is also an avid hiker, photographer, and painter whose watercolors/oil paintings have been exhibited at the Beyond The Lines Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with a short-haired brown tabby cat named Buster. If you’re looking for her,odds are good you’ll find her at the gym.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • Fear isn’t your enemy, it is a normal and necessary part of life like happiness

  • Everyone has inner strength that we push behind our misfortunes and failures

  • The connection between our physical and inner well being

  • How the constant reminder of being or feeling different can become emotionally destructive

  • Why we should all define normal, perfect, and beautiful outside of societal standards 

  • How a journey like hiking Machu Picchu can be life changing

  • Recognizing the hero within us so we can rescue ourselves, and understand our purpose in life.

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Redefining What Sexy Means To You

Regaining Your Confidence and Becoming Self-Aware

When you think of what it means to be sexy, you are likely to focus on physical attraction and not the essence of a person. Today on SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Luisa Diaz redirects our focus in an effort to redefine sexy, and empower women. Her work with survivors of domestic violence reveals that healing is more than treating a physical injury. Healing is also repairing what was broken inside.

Luisa is a beauty queen, talk show host, producer, actress, philanthropist, and founder of “The Luisa Diaz Foundation,” which raises money and awareness for people and organizations that are making a difference in the community. The foundation’s slogan is “Kindness Is Cool,” a central theme to the weekly 20-minute shows. “Sexy Is Timeless Talks” is a natural extension to her book.

You say the word “sexy” and for society it means you have to show your assets, be revealing, or be provocative. Sexy is something that is appealing and interesting. The asset I talk about is confidence." @LuisaDiaztv

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • New ways to define “sexy” in the modern day women’s empowerment era
  • What it really means to be confident, and how to regain your confidence  
  • The importance of getting to know yourself and how you like to be treated
  • Becoming more self sufficient through understanding that only you can rescue yourself
  • How knowledge, whether it be formal or through life experiences, is an integral part of female empowerment   
  • The sexiness that can be found in acts of kindness
  • How the resources available to survivors of domestic violence have improved over time

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Effortless Happiness: How to Find Your Voice and Finally Ask For What You Really Want Paperback or Kindle copy

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