Vision Boards & New Goals

How Manifesting Your Dreams Can Help You Achieve Them

With a new year comes expectations and hopes for a better and happier version of yourself. Unfortunately, many of us find it difficult to follow through with our resolution throughout the year. Today on SecondWind With Joyce, I will be discussing how a vision board could be the solution to making your dream life become more tangible.

“One of the things that I like most about doing a vision board, for me, it opens up my creativity and how I expressmyself...It’s like I’m reclaiming the creative part of me through my creativity.”

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • There are many areas of our lives that can be added to our vision board
  • It can be helpful to focus on a few different aspects of your life that need changing 
  • We need to be specific with the goals we want to achieve and incorporate photos on our boards
  • Why you should have an emotional connection to the images you use
  • How negative thoughts can make you become a person that never changes your life. 
  • How magazines can be used on your board
  • How Neita Fran Ward created and utilized her vision board

Effortless Happiness: How to Find Your Voice and Finally Ask For What You Really Want Paperback or Kindle copy.

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