Francine Brevetti, Author and Ghostwriter

Francine Brevetti started her career in 1977 with the Journal of Commerce in New York. She went from business journalist to documentarian by going beyond the dollar signs and discovering the motivations and psyche of her client.

She moved to Hong Kong in 1985 to freelance for local and foreign publications and decided to stay to witness the People's Republic of China transition to a sovereign nation in 1997.

She then returned to San Francisco to work for the Oakland Tribune as a business reporter. She produced several profiles of professionals working in technology, politics, and the economy.

Her first book, The Fabulous Fior - over 100 Years in an Italian Kitchen, was published in 2004 and re-released on in 2012.

Her latest book, Cat Naps and Doggie Snorts, documents 75 stories from real people and their pets and is available at

Francine has been listening, documenting, and writing stories of people's journeys for thirty years. She now helps others as a to write their memoirs and family history as a Professional Book Coach.

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