Linda Bard, Certified Life Prints Hand Analyst, Author

After a venomous bite from a Diamondback Rattlesnake leaving her in intensive care, Linda Bard knew her life purpose. During those 3 vision-filled days in the ICU, she received a message from the universe that couldn't be any clearer, she was made on this Earth to be a steward for transformation!

Linda Bard is known as “Executive Muse” at her company Find Your Creative Voice. A passionate and rebellious Renaissance woman, Linda has been a creative entrepreneur for more than two decades.

She is an expert at connecting women with their heart’s desire. Using her intuitive gifts and skill as a certified Life Prints Hand Analyst, Linda helps multi-passionate, evolutionary women decode and discover their Unique Soul Purpose, so they can live the lives of their dreams

As she loves to say, “I help you to SEE you, so you can BE YOU. Without apology!”

Join us LIVE, Tuesday, February 24 at 9 a.m. CST!

Learn more about Linda at

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