Guest Lisa Pezik shares how to Find the courage to Begin to Bring Yourself Back to Life!

Today's guest,Lisa Pezik, a Registered Nurse, ACE Certified Trainer in Fitness, Nutrition, Youth Fitness, Seniors Fitness and Pain Free/ Function First Movement,  shares her experience on how to shape up your body, life, and business!

"I have a unique background and passion for freedom in families. Freedom of time, freedom of debt, freedom from suffering."

Why Jealousy Shouldn't Be Ignored


Special Givaway! For entrepreneurs or business owners. It's called 15P's to convert the leads for more sales and income in your business. It's a sales script that coverts when you fill in your info about your coaching/product/service. It's also a persuasion principle that can be used in any are of life! (to get a raise, to get your kids to eat their veggies etc)

To find out more go to her website

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