Enrich your mind, body and spirit so you can love life!

Today's guest Monica Bloom, shares how she used Ayurvedic know-how to renew her health, clear her mind and exude joy each day. 

Monica is the author of In Your Elements and a contributor to Thrive Global, Baynan Botanicals, PrAna, Wander Mag, Spirituality & Health Mag, and Everyday Ayurveda.She also brings Ayurveda into the worplace with wellness talks for companies like Airbnb, Pandora, Vionic and POPSUGAR. 

Monica’s purist delivery of Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom fused with practicality and humor makes Ayurveda accessible and fun. She has a knack for making a very complex topic, simple, so that anyone can benefit.  She lives in a happy cottage among the trees in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, daughter and four-legged work buddy, Rio.

"When Ayurveda is made simple, you have all the power to transform your life. Ayurveda is the science of longevity, striving to achieve balance in the mind, body and spirit. Most (like 90%!) of imbalance can be prevented and cured with diet & lifestyle alone! I teach about simple ways to use Ayurveda daily." -Monica

Check out her website for more!



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