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Lou Paget is an AASECT* Certified Sex Educator, an international best selling author and entrepreneur of five books, translated into 28 languages, represented in over 60 countries with over 3 million copies sold. Paget is an in-demand international speaker, presenter and sought after multi-media expert with countless TV appearances, her work has also been the focus of shows like HBO's ‘Real Sex', C4's ‘Sex Tips for Girls' and WE's ‘Making Love Happen with Lou Paget'. * American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

By blending her vast general knowledge of all things sexual with her hard sciences background she delivers with her trademark calm fearless intelligence a clearer, more demystified body of information used equally by the general population and her peers in the fields of sexuality. Her brand is known for delivering information about sexuality and relationship sans the sleaze factor while retaining all of the accuracy, fun and the "You're kidding!!" factor. Techniques and Tips are her specialty, she delivers bite-sized chunks of information you can use right away, that work!

Sexual Health is a major focus of her professional mission, she was one of 13 members of the National Advisory Council convened by the 16th US Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, she is on The Leadership Council of the First Endowed Chair for Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical school and is a continuing expert to numerous blogs and a Redbook Love Network expert.

BA General Studies concentration hard Sciences.


July 11.2016 SextalkwithLou, Olga Cohen, Better Sex, Sexual Health through Vaginal Renewal Complex

Olga Cohenfile:///Users/lpaget/Desktop/Olga%20Cohen.jpeg

Better sex and better sexual helath whne your intimate parts feel good. My guest today Olga Cohen has made that possible for thousands of women. Founder of Inner Intimates and Creator of Vaginal Renewal Complex. Her own journey with vaginal dryness had this enterpreneurial former cosmetic industry executive look for non-hormonal, non-estrogen solutions for herself.  Fast forward ten years and she now has 3 products and more in the pipeline.   


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November 2, 2015 Relationship Building, Becoming Magnetic, Dr Diana Wiley, Children of The Night

Realtionship building comes in many sytles and forms. When someone 'gets you' they usually can make you laugh. Consider how kind you are to yourself.  How careful are you with your words and language?  Each one of these can change your lovelife and sex life.  Will be a guset on Dr. Diana Wiley's show sex, lust and laughter and she'll be my guest next week to talk about Sexuality and Aging and what's changing in that arena...LOTS!!!  I'll be prsenting at Children of The Night this week about helathy sexuality.

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November 9, 2015 Dr Diana Wiley, What's new in Sexuality and Aging? LOTS including Dr. Pepper Schwartz AARP survey


Dr. Diana Wiley, Radio show on I was her guest on November 3, 2015.  

AARP sexuality survey by Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Dr. Diana is a Seattle based Psychotherapist with an expertise in the area of Sexuality and Aging and given our aging population there are many things that can impact our sexual enjoyment and function.  We'll cover all that and more.  

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November 16, 2015 Charlie Sheen HIV announcement, HIV testing, Maintaining your Sexual Health

I recorded this the day before Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Please let us remember he is a son, a brother and a father.  He made this announcement to get control of his life and face the secret he'd been keeping.  I intend that this will lead to greater acceptance of testing and discussion of HIV testing. HIV and AIDS are not the same thing.  This is about maiintaining YOUR Sexual Health. Difference beteween Anonymous and Confidential testing. 

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Change your Sex Life with Skillful Listening

Lou looks at how powerful listening will impact all areas of your life, better sex, better personal relationships and better work relationships.  Her recent retreat with the National Leadership Council in Seattle.  Her fellow council member Dr. Pepper Schwartz talked about Married at First Sight and the lessons we can learn from the participant couples.  Then Lou shares what fellow experts shared about their first masturbation experiences.

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