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Sparking Wholeness is not your typical health show. Erin Kerry is not your typical health coach. As a survivor of bipolar disorder, she has learned firsthand what it is like to deal with and manage a chronic illness.

Living a life of wholeness means connecting mind, body, and soul - and each episode promotes what holistic health and holistic living really can look like in the day to day.

This show brings together health experts from various fields in order to discuss popular wellness topics and offer hope and support for mental health issues. Whether it's addressing trauma, healing the gut microbiome, biohacking genes, addressing body image concerns, or exploring the struggles of motherhood and parenting, every episode is designed to spark wholeness.

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Put the Weights Down!

You know what is SO not for me in the new year?

Negativity about my body.

Getting value from my jeans size.

Thinking I have to lose weight to be liked.

Picking a lofty resolution that involves weight loss.

Telling myself mean things.

Do you struggle with any of the above? Do you struggle with body image issues or constant comparison? Are you already planning those New Year's Resolutions that you hope will FINALLY work? Are you on a continual quest for your happy weight?

In this week's show I am joined by my friend Heather Creekmore, speaker and author of the book, Compared to Who. We have a great conversation regarding how we let our body image define our worth and value for way too many years, and we discuss ways we have worked on beating the body image beast - which may include putting down the weights.

Is there a solution to healing from obsessing over body image issues? Listen to the episode to find out!

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The Biggest Issues in Children's Health Today

Dr. Alina Olteanu is an integrative pediatrician and owner of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas. She played a major role in helping my youngest child heal from chronic ear infections and restrictive airway disease.

This interview was recorded before there was a podcast, but it is a great interview to listen to in order to gain a deeper understanding of some of the modern health conditions children face. Dr. Olteanu believes greatly in treating the whole child, body, mind and soul, so her take on treatment is one that is focused on getting to the root of issues. She shares her journey in medicine and what made her decide to take an integrative approach to health. She also has great tips for getting through cold and flu season!

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What is MTHFR and How Does It Affect Me?

Dr. Tracey Stroup is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional, certified Digestive Health Specialist, Master Herbalist who also has completed courses in Iridology. 

An estimated 40% of the population has this MTHFR gene mutation, which prevents us from being able to effectively use B vitamins or converst folic acid, repair on a cellular level, and use antioxidants to properly detoxify.

Common health conditions like migrains, chronic fatigue, infertility, autoimmune issues, mental health, other neurological problems, even heart disease - all can greatly be impacted by MTHFR.

In this episode, Tracey discusses dietary and lifestyle changes plus supplement recommendations that can help us biohack our genes. As I've mentioned before, your genes load the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger!

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How to Raise Emotionally Resilient, Confident Children

Parents and teachers and anyone who works with children - you'll want to tune into this episode! While it seems as if children are experiencing more mental challenges than ever before, there IS a way to get to the root of these challenges.

Special guest Dr. Sandy Gluckman has made it her mission to get to the root of child behavior. She is not in favor of "managing" the symptoms children have. Instead she removes the symptoms by finding and healing the underlying root causes. She is a learning, behavior and mood specialist, author, educator, and international speaker who has consulted with and trained thousands of parents and teachers in different parts of the world. She presents a fundamental and highly effective shift in understanding how to treat and heal learning, behavior, and mood challenges - preferably without medication.

She is the author of "Parents Take Charge: Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Without Medication" and "Who's in the Driver's Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully." She also authored a chapter in "Mission Possible" and has published extensively in parenting, education, and business journals. She is a frequent speaker at healthcare, parenting, education, and business conferences.

In this conversation, she discusses neurotransmitters and their role in emotional resilience, the science of interpersonal neurobiology, and what parents and teachers can do to raise confident children. Her solutions are surprising yet encouraging.

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Is Your Poop Telling You Something?

Yes, we're going there this episode. We're talking about poop - specifically, the role of gut bacteria in our overall health and well being. 

This week's special guest, Dr. Chris Jones, is a chiropractor, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and gut expert. He is the owner and director of Wellness Movement, an online health consultation business.

His mission is to help those with autoimmunity and chronic GI problems regain their health so that they can finally feel better.

Chris has so many amazing stories of transformation through his testing and healing protocols. As a self-proclaimed gut health nerd myself, I wanted to hear more about what he thought of the gut/brain connection, the microbiome and autoimmunity, and of course - how nutrition and stress factors in.

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Meet Erin

Erin Kerry is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd.” She taught middle school English for 11 years before pursuing her wellness business full time. She is the owner of the nutrition coaching company, Sparking Wholeness.

As a survivor of bipolar disorder, Erin knows firsthand how suffering from a chronic illness can infiltrate every area of life. She has spent the last 5 years learning what “holistic health” truly means - and that comes in the form of nutrition for mind, body and soul.

Erin wants people to be empowered to be their own health advocate. Her show brings together a variety of voices to speak on a plethora of health issues facing us today. Whether it’s addressing trauma, healing the gut microbiome, biohacking genes, addressing body image concerns, or exploring the struggles of motherhood and parenting, all shows are designed to spark wholeness. 

Find more information at or on Instagram at the handle @sparkingwholenes.

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