Just Give Me Money! That's what kids want...With guest Bill Dwight of FamZoo. 11-06-12

It's DAD-Day!!!!!  

And we are thrilled to celebrate our fabulous, fun and FANtastic Dad of the month: 

Bill Dwight!  Founder, CEO and Chief Dad of FamZoo!

This show will air on ELECTION DAY and budgets are probably one of  the biggest things we are basing our votes on, yet how many of you have taught your kids about them?  These days, parents walk around feeling like they have ATMs in their ears.  Kids are constantly asking for this, that or the other "Cool, Trendy or ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL"  new gadget, gizmo or bling thing yet they have no concept of what it means to earn or heaven forbid Save for those widgets themselves!  Well this month's Dad-Day has created the solution and he is going to tell us all about it...

What is an appropriate age to start conversations about money with your kids?

What are appropriate income sources for children?

How we can encourage philanthropy in our kids.

Should you ever give your kids a loan?

And so, so much more!  

Get ready to learn, laugh, learn, giggle, learn, create new plans and did I mention learn?

Join us on Tuesday Nov. 6th at 11am EST...and if you have a question, comment or concern, be sure to call us during the show or post your question on our Facebook page and we may mention you on the air!  WOOHOO!


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