Are American Parents Raising Bullies? With guest Joe "The Biker"

Has America become so focused on 'Entitlements", "Rights", "Civil Liberties" and "Freedoms", that we have forgotten that kids and the institutions that teach them require RULES, RESTRICTIONS, BOUNDRIES & POLICIES that our kids may not like?! 

On this show, we will celebrate DAD-DAY! With our very special guest and bullying expert

Joe The Biker!

As an author, speaker, foster parent (to more than 100 children) and bike enthusiast...Joe has "owned" the subject of bullying and masterfully shares his message of hope and possibility in the face of what has become the biggest threat to America's Children.  

Listen in as Joe and I discuss:

How Children Become Bullies, Why Bullying is worse today than it was 20 years ago, What parents can do if they suspect their kid is a victim of bullying, how to contact your SCHOOL about bullying, and When to step back and let your children work it out.

Tune in Tues. March 5th at 11am EST.  Call ins welcome! 877-864-4869


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