You Say I Fight Like a Girl? That's Right, I Do!! w/ Kym Rock May 7 at 11:00am EDT

The amazing true story of Kym Rock's journey from abused housewife to karate world champion.

Kym was a small-town high school athlete who thought she had won the boyfriend lottery when she began dating the star football player from a nearby private school. Married soon after graduation, he pursued a career in law enforcement as she took a job at a bank. It didn't take long for the dream to become a nightmare. After suffering numerous beatings, broken bones and actually being raped by her husband, and finding the local law enforcement unwilling to do more than turn a blind eye, she began taking karate lessons but lied to her husband and told him she was taking banking classes. Under Sensei Jerry Lemon's tutelage, Kym regained the self-esteem she had in high school and found the courage to leave her abusive marriage. That alone is a triumphant story, but nobody expected what happened next. Kym proved to be an amazing student of martial arts and quickly earned her first black belt and began competing as soon as she was able. She fought her way up the ladder to become Virginia State Champion, then the US National Champion and was eventually crowned World Champion, not once, not twice, but seven times, and has since been inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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