Success Profiles Radio 01/06/20 show

Bob Circosta was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is TV's original home shopping host and helped create the multi-billion dollar home shopping industry. He has logged over 25,000 hours of live selling on TV, has made over 75,000 product presentations, and has individually sold over $6 billion in merchandise. He is the author of the book "Life's A Pitch", which is a proven guide to successfully sell anything anywhere.

We discussed how he got his start in sales, the fears people have around selling, and how to overcome them. We also discussed the importance of presentation and distribution, his billion dollar sales formula, and how to make an offer irresistible.

We also talked about what types of products sell well on television versus those that don't, how to apply to sell your product on HSN, the differences between infomercials and home shopping networks, and the vetting process that takes place before you get to sell your product on television.

We also discussed his Mass Marketing Boot Camp that he does every quarter for those who want to learn how to develop and sell a product on television, social media, or any other medium. We talked about so much more on the show. You can subscribe on iTunes. You can also listen at

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