Success Profiles Radio 02/11/20 show

Daniel Gomez was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the author of "You Were Born To Fly: Be Original, Be The Best You". We talked about how his wife has battled breast cancer, how the book "Think And Grow Rich" has impacted his life, and how he became an author and speaker.

We talked about the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones, how confidence changes our lives, how trials can lead to triumph, and speaking life into others.

We also discussed why people play small, the importance of forgiveness, developing a championship mindset, how to win the morning, and what makes a great leader.

Finally, we discussed his 12 step mindset mastery program, the importance of loving ourselves, and the power of transparency. We discussed so much more on the show. You can subscribe on iTunes anytime. You can also listen to any episode at

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