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Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing

How to Write "it" Funny 06-30-2022

Dorothy Wilhelm is an international speaker, writer, media personality and podcaster. Her books, columns, podcasts, and presentations are woven with creativity and humor. Along with AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast host Dr. Judith Briles, the two share a variety to tips and strategies to find and use yours starting today. Your insights and takeaways will include: • Why you should avoid writing jokes (unless you are writing a joke book) … many aren't funny. • Why you should avoid using jokes in a speech. • How humor and its acceptance has changed. • How humor can be dangerous. • How to expand an exaggerate a situation. • How to add just a pinch of humor in your writing. • How to add humor that doesn't hurt the ears or eyes of the receiver. • How to use humor in telling family stories. • How to build your humor for your target reader. • How to use the rule of 3 • When it comes to writing humor, think “smileable.” If you don’t want you and your book to be ignored, then the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast is for you. Judith Briles has lots to share in this episode of the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast.

Vision Beyond Sight

Building Relationships and Community Through Jewish Explorers with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein and Cindy Coons

Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight speaks with Cindy Coons, founder and director of Jewish Explorers. Cindy talks about her program that welcomes Jewish and Interfaith families with preschool and elementary school-aged children. Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Developmental Optometrist, co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., award-winning author and international speaker, holds powerful and inspiring conversations with her guests in the areas of health, wellness, education, sports and psychology. They share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation through their vision expansion. Vision Beyond Sight Podcast will help you see with clarity, gain courage and confidence. Welcome to Vision Beyond Sight! Also available on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible and Stitcher.

Military Mom Talk Radio

Episode #491 Weight loss with Dr Andrew Wittman and Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio speak with Dr. Andrew Wittman about losing weight and why its so hard and what we can do about it. Motivational keynote speaker Dr. Andrew Wittman is the founder of the Mental Toughness Training Center, a leadership consultancy specializing in peak performance, team dynamics, resolving conflict in the workplace and is the author of the book, “Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You” (2016). He teaches strategies on how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions, especially under pressure while sharing his experiences in combat and high-threat environments across the globe. A Marine Corps infantry combat veteran and former federal agent, he holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology, is a guest lecturer at Clemson University, and co-hosts the radio call-in show, “Get Warrior Tough.” As a leadership and peak-performance expert working across five continents, Andrew has successfully added tens of millions in profit to his clients’ bottom line, through his trade-mark cellular problem-solving methods before becoming a motivational keynote speaker. Military Mom Talk Radio can also be found on Audible, Amazon Music, Amazon Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Itunes, Stitcher, Player FM and Podcast Addict.


Episode: #305 Pajama Yoga with Luci and Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered up Talk Radio speak with Pajama Yoga by Luci. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts I Heart Radio and GooglePlay.

Coach Talk Radio

Episode: #240 Over 50 and Want to Write Novel with Sandra Beck and Paula Munier

Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with Paula Munier, best-selling mystery novelist about how to manage your fears in trying something new and create. Coach Talk Radio can also be found on Audible, Amazon Music, Amazon Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Itunes, Stitcher, Player FM, and Podcast Addict.

Motherhood Talk Radio

Episode #329: Problem Solving Kids with Sandra Beck and Trish Wilkinson

Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio speaks with brain expert Trish Wilkinson author of The Brain Stages about how to raise kids who can solve their own problems rather than running to you. Motherhood Talk Radio can also be found on Audible, Amazon Music, Amazon Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Itunes, Stitcher, Player FM and Podcast Addict

Ride the Elephant Today

Your Character is the Most Valuable Possession You Will Ever Have - What Are You Doing to Become a Person of Character

Being a person of character requires focused intention to evaluate your character and strive to be a better person. Dr. McKinley and Bryan discuss ways to develop your character as well as the character of your children and coworkers.

Sparking Wholeness

Episode 143: Practical Ways to Improve Your Brain Health Today with Leigh Richardson

Leigh Richardson is the owner and founder of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas as well as the host of the podcast, In Your Head with Leigh Richardson. In this simulcast podcast episode, Leigh and Erin discuss how the conversation about wellness is changing in the 2020s. While wellness is being emphasized, it starts with a regulated brain. Key Topics: - The foundation of sleep for a healthy brain - How to simplify nutrition for brain health and energy - Transforming toxic thoughts and adopting mindfulness strategies - New research on using the sauna to boost mental health - Other practical tools to train the brain for wellness and positivity To learn more about Leigh and her work, head to

Success Profiles Radio

Josh Thomas Discusses How To Get In The Do Zone To Maximize Productivity And Revenue

Josh Thomas was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is a revenue growth specialist for small businesses worldwide. His strategies help clients double their revenues in months, not years. He is also the host of The Do Zone podcast. We discussed the importance of mindset and leverage to create wealth, using assessments in business, how to avoid distractions, establishing accountability with yourself, and how to find more time in your day. In addition, we discussed how to get in The Do Zone, setting up systems for success, creating an environment conducive to being productive, and what "being busy" really means—you might not like it. Finally, we discussed his podcast and the types of guests he seeks, the biggest risk he ever took in business and how it worked out, and who inspires him. You can hear the show on iTunes/Apple podcasts and at

Im Not The Same Woman I Used To Be Im Free

Special Guest Shanell Nichole on Staying Chaste in 2022 06-27-2022

Roe V Wade Overturned. Did the decision to overturn Roe V Wade set women back? Many are in an uproar. Others are celebrating. The necessity to teach and preach about Chasity is great. Diane and special guest Shanell Nichole talk about Chasity, it's benefits and the challenges to living a chaste life as single women of God.

Highroad to Humanity

The Well of Truth with Elizabeth Gould on High Road to Humanity

Elizabeth A Gould joins me from New Zealand to share her short stories of spirit! The stories are filled with reflections on feminine resilience, power and agency. In the book the heroine goes through marriage, raising children and divorce, menopause, loosing loved ones and ultimately making an independent life for herself. Amazing interview with Elizabeth as we share stories that will intrigue and enlighten you. visit her at

In Your Head with Leigh Richardson

Radical Loving: A Recipe for Fixing the World

Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Rabbi Wayne Dosick, an award-winning author, sought-after speaker and radio host. He talks about radical love and how it can fix the world. Leigh Richardson is also the author of Brain on Game On, available at Amazon and on and The Brain Performance Center is located in Dallas, Texas and can be reached at 214-329-9017. Also on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Stitcher.

Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing

Using Visualization for Publishing Success 06-23-2022

Author and Vision expert Dr. Lynn Hellerstein joins host Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, for an insightful episode on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast. It’s all about Vision, and its impact on writing, research, publishing, book marketing , and creating author confidence. It's all about vision and using visualization to soar your author and writing success. Get ready to embrace the rules of visualization and: - Get useful tips to unblock writer's block. - How to expand your creativity. - How to expand your author and writing vision. - How to implement multi-sensory imagery. - How to eliminate author burnouts that can spiral out of control. - How to reduce anxiety created by author overwhelm. - Tips on how to open up the “flow.” Tune in for lots of ideas and how-to tactics via the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast.