Where the Wild Things Are ~ Champ Thornton and Patty Wyatt

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Where The Wild Things Are

It’s scaaarrrrry - Fear of the dark - monsters in the closet - anxiety about going to bed – these are all relatively common in young children at some point during their childhood. Going to bed and turning out the lights can be a hard time for many children.  . . . EEEK!

How do you address your child's fears? How do we help them fall asleep and stay asleep?

Awesome Tips:

1. Read Psalm 23

2. Check out this book, “Why Do We Say Good Night.” Where Champ Thorton host of “In the Word, On the Go“        shares, “as a parent, I know that especially with little children, bedtime can be a scary time. It’s dark, and they’re left in their room by themselves. Nightlights are helpful, but it’s the light of God’s Word that shines the brightest in these moments. When our kids were little, ... Click the link below to read more.
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Kimberly Miner-Juday "Everything Is Created Twice"

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Kimberly Miner-Juday   http://www.wholisticliving.life

Kimberly Miner-Juday was our Guest today on "Your Future Is Now". Her website is: www.wholisticliving.life

Kim is a former ballet dancer and a life long athlete. Kimberly has spent 25 years in packaging sales and educational speaking across the country. She has been featured in Voyage Phoenix and iNETrepreneur Magazine, certified in Alzheimer's and Dementia, and has received multiple sales awards.

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Overview Of Kim's Interview:
Lack of persistence is a huge obstacle most of suffer ... Click the link below to read more.
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