Forbes Riley "Inspiration & Motivation"

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   Forbes Riley "Inspiration & Motivation"

Forbes Riley was our guest today on "Your Future Is Now'. Both hosts, Jim Grant and "Dandy" Don Mcgrath agreed that Forbes presented one of the most power-packed shows they've ever had.

"Dandy"Don stated, "Forbes has the ability to get right down to it. She doesn't waste anytime." Jim agreed stating a couple of times how "Forbes tells you what YOU NEED to hear rather than what YOU WANT to hear.

Both "Dandy" Don and Jim agreed she has the ability to do "on-the-spot corrections".

In addition, she shared some of the things she worked hard at an accomplished in her life. Jim stated that everyone hearing her message would say WOW, if Forbes can do it, I can too!!

"Dandy" Don stated, "As I listened to Forbes I thought how she demonstrated in her message, that obstacles are mere challenges. And we all have challenges"

Jim agreed saying, "She took Don and I both on a mental inventory of phrases and words that we use that we both really needed to clean up and get rid of them. She explained how 'things' that happened to us in we carry those forward and we really need to get rid of."

Forbes spoke about the HUGE ... Click the link below to read more.
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Charity Haderlie Live true to your dreams, not true to your fears

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Meet Charity Haderlie

Empowered Mindset for Women Facebook Group

Charity's FREE Complimentary Gift: 3 Quick Tips to a More Connected and Empowered You

There's nothing more powerful than being secure in who you are and living true to your dreams, instead of true to your fears.
Helping others achieve that is exactly what Charity Haderlie does.

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Whether it be through Success Coaching, speaking, live events or her published works, Charity helps people become more empowered and connected by transforming cultures: whether it be the culture of the mind or the culture of the team.

Tune in to learn about powerful tools that will help you get you back in the driver's seat of life.

Some of the Key Points Charity shared with our audience:
•Mindset is either our greatest asset or our biggest obstacle
•How to shift from surviving to thriving
*Champion your thoughts and you will champion your life
*Why affirmations didn't work for me and what to do instead
•Identity has gravity
•How to expand your comfort zone

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