Joana Zuppas

Posted from: Your Future is Now

Joana Zuppas, Realtor in Winter Park, Florida

Her website is:

Joana created a program on Mark Green's "Get Resilience Summit" aimed at helping Veterans find the help they needed. To accomplish this mission she invited one of her colleagues Eric Putt of Waterstone Mortgage. Eric's website is:

Once Dandy Don and I saw this great program, we knew we would need to have Joana and Eric on our show!!!

"Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Several times during the show mention was made to go to their website and click on "Complimentary Gifts" button to pick and choose one or more FREE GIFTS from the Executive Training Directors at NO-COST or OBLIGATION!!

During the show many great points were made in regards to HOW to qualify, the process and the MANY advantages; such as ZERO DOWN.

Together, Joana and Eric cleared up some myths, misunderstandings and revealed the advantages of dealing with reputable and experienced professionals when it comes to selecting a home and all of the things that must be accomplished in order to protect YOU, the Buyer!!

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