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Brian K Wright  "Success Profiles Radio" 

To catch Brian here on TogiNet:

During the show Brian shared his background of growing up in a very small community in Iowa and the wide variety of things he did during his career.  

In addition to having a very long running and successful radio show, Brian also publishes the Success Profiles Magazine.  He is an accomplished writer and author.  He shared tip and the "WHY" you should write a book.  He is also a "Ghost Writer" and explained how others may write your book for you and his experience in this capacity. 

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Brian also touched our hearts when he shared his "Life-Threatening Illness" he suffered from in 2014 that almost ended his life. His perspective and outlook on life of what really is important in his appreciation for life, family and friends. 

Brian shared 'HOW' he met Kevin Harrington and how he put Kevin on the cover of his very first magazine.  And great tips fpr those to ... Click the link below to read more.
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