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Rick Ceasri  "Using Videos To Help Grow YOUR Business & Build

YOUR Brand!!!   (https://rickcesari.com


Rick Cesari was our guest today and delivered a power pack show filled with inspiration and true life stories of the importance of utilizing videos.  Rick is an Author, Keynote Speaker and a Video Marketing Srategist taking NEW Brands and converting them into household names. 

Speaking of Brands....Have you heard of....George Foreman Grill...Juiceman...Oxiclean.. SoniCare...Rug Doctor...GoPro....just to name a few.  

These companies are all clients of Rick's and he help create their Branding & Marketing Strategy.  

In addition, Rick is working with one of our great friends here at "Your Future Is Now"...Gordon Bond of Bond Arms. https://www.bondarms.com

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